Who We Are

EyeOn is a collection of award-winning creative directors, strategists, art directors, writers, designers, and developers who have worked together for years in the most senior positions at top ad agencies across the US.

We abandoned our traditional agency lives to improve our quality of life, allowing us to focus on the part of the business we’re all-passionate about: the work. We offer our experiences and talents for companies of all sizes. And only charge for our time. Who knew that’s what our clients wanted?

In the traditional agency, twenty percent of the shops are rock stars and then there’s a tired middle and of course the bottom rung. In our virtual firm, we have no dead weight, no slackers or coasters—it’s an A-team across the board.

What We Do

Today’s website is more than just a digital front. It is a central business nexus where investors, partners, tenants, and customers converge, get informed, and make snap evaluations—all at the speed of digital.

EyeOn specializes in creating the optimal digital nexus for commercial real estate companies and interests. As a progressive virtual company, we bring decades of experience from across the country to deliver outcome-based marketing strategies across all digital channels. From digital and web branding to sales/lead generation and cross-channel brand unification, we’ll help you do more than stand out from the competition—we’ll partner with you to achieve your goals across every digital medium.

It’s About The Work

Our team strives to achieve excellence in every aspect of your digital brand. From a concept to development, deployment, and support, we make the entire process seamless and easy. We always use the most advanced development software along with the latest in web standards and practices to create a dynamic, flexible, and long lasting digital brand.

Featured Projects