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EyeOn Digital Nexus

EyeOn's Digital Nexus is the ultimate solution for shopping center management software, offering a comprehensive suite that covers all aspects of shopping center management.
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EyeOn Center Portal Software

The EyeOn Portal

The EyeOn Portal is a true testament to the company's commitment to innovation. Crafted meticulously from scratch with the most advanced technology available and designed to seamlessly integrate with AI and other emerging technologies.
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EyeOn Interctive Kiosk

Display Management Simplified

Revolutionize your display management with the EyeOn Portal - the one-stop solution to simplify your center's kiosks, displays and advertising management without using a third party.
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EyeOn ShareRails Integration

Maximize Your Center's Ecommerce Capabilities

Empower your tenants to expand their reach and sales with our cutting-edge ecommerce solution. Our platform enables customers to discover, browse, and seamlessly purchase in-store products online, providing an immersive ecommerce experience for your customers. Don't just sell products - provide your tenants with an immersive ecommerce experience with ease.
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