Who Is EyeOn?

We’re a collection of award-winning creative directors, strategists, art directors, writers, designers, and developers who abandoned the traditional agency life to focus on what we’re all-passionate about … our work.

Who knew that’s what our clients wanted?

What We Do

Today’s website is more than just a digital front. It is a central business nexus where investors, partners, tenants, and customers converge, get informed, and make snap evaluations—all at the speed of digital.

EyeOn specializes in creating the optimal digital nexus for commercial real estate companies and its interests. As a progressive company, we bring decades of experience from across the country to deliver outcome-based marketing strategies across all digital channels. From digital and web branding to sales/lead generation and cross-channel brand unification, we’ll help you do more than stand out from the competition—we’ll partner with you to achieve your goals across every digital medium.


What it is and why it’s important to your company?

Your digital nexus is simply your company’s digital ecosystem. We believe a website that is well designed, has informative content and performs well on all devices should be the heart for all of your digital marketing initiatives. All your email outreach, social media, press releases/blogs, digital collateral, all stem from your website and each need to represent your brand and consistent messaging. These together will allow your digital ecosystem to flourish and have the greatest impact on attracting new customers.

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