250x250Plenge Communications and Net Visibility Solutions collaborate to form EyeOn

ROCHESTER, NY, February 8, 2016 – Plenge Communications and Net Visibility Solutions have merged to form EyeOn, a new, progressive digital marketing company specializing in web design, integrated online advertising, and social media optimization. Combining the capabilities and expertise of both companies under one virtual roof, EyeOn is focused on serving the marketing and digital communications needs of commercial real estate companies.

Plenge Communications, a marketing communications hub, and Net Visibility Solutions, an industry leader in Digital Image management, had partnered with each other since 2014 on a range of regional commercial real estate projects. Providing brand unification across multiple properties with integrated digital marketing efforts, both companies grew their analytics and engagement capabilities together in an alliance that has now transitioned into a powerful partnership.

“Creating EyeOn was the next natural step in our evolution,” says Ted Plenge, president of EyeOn. “Both of our companies shared the same philosophy—that is, to fulfill the marketplace’s need for expertise in all digital realms with a specific focus on using the power of branding across every digital medium to achieve goals. There are vast opportunities in digital marketing that are only just now beginning to be tapped, and this partnership enables us to help commercial real estate companies make the most of that potential.”

“Brand unification—delivering the same look, core context, and message discipline throughout communications—is a principle that businesses have built their names on for decades,” says Bill Horton, Director of Sales for EyeOn. “The only thing that’s changed is the delivery system of those concepts. Our partnership enables us to fulfill this mission through digital means while staying true to the methods that have generated winning marketing results for decades.”

In addition to rebranding and launching a new mobile-enhanced website, EyeOn is already engaged in applying their marketing principles to a new series of shopping center websites as well as developing integrated digital marketing for range of high-profile real estate projects.

“The marketing questions for today’s companies are still the same: How do I create awareness for my business and how do I translate the strengths of my business to the optimal communication medium,” says Horton. “That’s where EyeOn comes in.”

About EyeOn

EyeOn is a collection of award-winning creative directors, strategists, art directors, writers, designers, and developers who specialize in creating the optimal digital nexus for commercial real estate companies and interests. Providing decades of marketing experience to deliver outcome-based marketing strategies, EyeOn helps organizations achieve their goals across every digital medium—from digital and web branding to sales/lead generation and cross-channel brand unification. For more information, visit eyeonllc.com.