Why do I need a new “Modern” website?

Everything changes, especially in technology. There are several factors in determining if you need a new website. The most important thing to determine when evaluating a website is if it has the ability to convert visitors into customers. That should be the goal of any website, to educate, influence and convert. We offer websites to provide our customers and potential customers with information about our business and the goods we sell. How well we present that information after they arrive to our website determines how many new customers or new online sales we will make. Since no one uses the phonebook anymore, it is imperative that our website is capable of making us more money. After all, why would you invest in a website if it didn’t have the potential to be a money making resource?

Why EyeOn?

There are certain reasons we prefer some brands over others and with that said, our reasons are usually influenced by our experiences or the experiences of our peers with that brand. We also believe that not all people in the any given industry are the best at what they do. We understand that there are a many fish in the sea and it is our objective to make sure your brand is the dominate species among your competitors.

Are you the Hunted? Or The Hunter?

Our approach to internet success through building brand awareness and industry domination all starts with your website. We are not a company who engages in a website project with the thought process of just getting the job done and moving on to the next project. What we mean by that is we take the time to understand your business, your ownership, and your customers. In addition to understanding your company, we also review your competitor’s websites prior to getting started. We want to make sure that your new website beats out your competition in every aspect from well-organized content and a magnificent layout to easy navigation and social media integration. We want your web visitors to engage with your brand, products and website like never before.

We will Dominate the Competition!

Our customers generate more leads, convert more sales and receive more compliments from the website we design. We take pride in knowing we always put our best effort forwarding in designing your new website. We incorporate the latest technologies, trends and mechanisms for generating more online leads. Our staff is a well balanced mix of Computer Engineering experts with seasoned experience and recent college grads who are well versed in newest web programming technologies. Together we will design you a website that search engines will love and  it will out perform your competitors in the most popular search engines. Let us show you how correct web programming and internet marketing form the most powerful revenue generating mechanism ever created!


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